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What's Fukai Green Emulsion?

Fukai Green Emulsion

While it was considered to be one of the prospective technologies in terms of addressing environmental issues, including greenhouse gas mitigation, energy saving, emulsion fuel had only been used in an inefficient way. This was because chemicals were added to emulsions. Then, when we considered about this, we found that the answer lay in "water", a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Without relying on chemicals, we have developed an ideal high-quality emulsion; that is Fukai Green Emulsion. We bring you an ecological energy system and chemical free energy without using any chemicals.

Chemical free energy

History of emulsion fuel using emulsifier based on the notion that water and oil can never be mixed

We gain thermal energy by burning great amount of oil. Although it looks like oil used completely burns, it is not true. On average, approximately 40 percent of the fuel oil is emitted without burning. Emulsion fuel, first developed in 1900s, aims to gain as much thermal energy as when 100 percent fuel oil is burned, by explosively vaporizing (micro explosions) water microparticles to atomize oil particles, in order to increase the contact area with oxygen and achieve perfect combustion. As they shared the same understanding that water and oil could never be mixed, researchers worked only on emulsifiers in an effort to mix water and oil.

Water that can be mixed with oil paves the way to the future

Developers of chemical free energy were not working on combustion but the potential of water with a strong faith in nature and being diligent about studying the nature. Then, the special water "Sosei Water" was developed. The Sosei Water has surfactant potency that is as efficient as chemicals (surfactants) which are used as emulsifier for emulsion fuel. And it also enriches the nature and life. As a result, Sosei Water can mix with oil easily. (Emulsion)

From emulsions with emulsifier to chemical free highly efficient emulsion

Due to its unique molecular shape, water can have other molecules between water molecules. The energy conversion functional water, further enhanced the potential of the Sosei Water to be used for the emulsion, has dissolved oxygen that could be in the state of oversaturation and plenty of atomic hydrogen (active hydrogen) resulting from unique ions (H3O2-). It helps combustion more than usual micro explosions.

The result was the Fukai Green Emulsion. The early Fukai Green Emulsion did not use surfactants but used approximately 0.5 percent of mixed plant oil to stabilize the emulsion.

From emulsions with emulsifier to chemical free highly efficient emulsion

Although it did not need an enormous facility such as existing emulsion units, it used the same system to produce emulsion fuel in a stirred tank, and then send the fuel out.

While achieving surprisingly good results in many in-house experiments, we did not do the same in combustion experiments using a large furnace in conjunction with some companies, which was a big disappointment. Then we worked much harder to solve the problem and have realized a compact unit which achieves ideal combustion regardless of where it is installed. Here, we have come to the "chemical free energy".

This compact unit can make our dream come true

The Fukai Green Emulsion does not need even mixed plant oil. The compact unit, half the size of a briefcase which can easily be carried with one hand, should be placed near the combustion unit. Then, by attaching pipes for the energy conversion functional water and fuel oil to the unit, and you will gain thermal energy you are looking for while saving energy. Regardless of the facility size, it can be placed with a minimum cost.

Outline of Chemical Free Energy System

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