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Aspiration for Development

The future isn't given up.

The unfavorable change of human and nature by sea,air,
and enviromental polltion.Many people appeal for an improvement when they realize the truths.

But,most of those don't have a solution.
Even though they know the problems caused by synthetic detergents, theynever stop using them, justifying themselves that there are no other waysbut use them.
People abandon though they worry about detergent's dry and global warning by gas. People know that if they don't use that,living costs and industries can't consist.

If we keep this reconcile,we and the earth will be in danger of perishing. What we need is a method of settlement,a substitute development,and speed,not a cry. Our representative and developer,Toshiharu Fukai,never gave up.

As a result,he developed "Souseisui" that can be mixed oil and clean more than detergents. A comfotable living without detergents and business were born after that.

The features of "Souseisui" are Dissolved Oxygen and conserve energy water from active hydrogen,and those can come true a complete emultion's dry.

Those don't use chemical materials,like surfactants,
and also,those are cheep and can set up.
"Souseisui" became "chemical free emergy".
There is the future if we never give up
and make an effort for the goal.

Developers' wish toward environmental which is broken
by us everyday,not for a comfortable living,
industrial's growth,and the pursuit of economy.
We hope that people are concerned about improvement of
environmental because of being used
by "chemical free emergy".

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